Turning Pain Into Power

Turning My Pain Into Power If you have adult children and is married to someone other than their father, make sure you have written your

Christmas Memories

Christmas Memories The best part about my writing life is sharing most of my journeys. In my new children’s book, Christmas in Sanoyea, readers get

Celebrating our beloved Jeanette

Celebrating Our Beloved Jeanette It’s hard to say goodbye to the greatest inspiration in your life; it’s impossible to come to terms that our beloved

I Know Love

I Know Love  I’ve felt affection all my life,From the moment I arrivedIn my mother’s arms to now.My mother’s love,My father’s too;How my spirit sleeps

Writing for Children

Lewis began writing children’s books in 2009, and since then has published six titles; A is for Africa, I’m About To, Toby Pannoh’s Good Manners

Me and Fifty-6

Me and Fifty-6 Fifty-Six This year I told my children what I was getting me for my birthday, not what I wanted for my birthday.

Theory of Decadence in Liberia

Theory of Decadence in Liberia More Struggle, More Self-denial, and More Real Want We have a lot to say about a cultural mix that’s not

Beyond the Loss

Beyond the Loss My sister, Veronica’s words landed in my heart with a thump, “They just took Mom to the hospital.” Then, the screech of

Formulation of Murder

Formulation of Murder The formulation of murder,To watch anyone; even your wife,Passed out, helpless;But you call an ambulanceFifty slow minutes later. This preacher-man’s soulIs a

Importance of Education in Africa

Importance of Education in Africa The most terrible disease in the world is IGNORANCE. It is the most painful, the most destructive, and the most