Importance of Education in Africa

The most terrible disease in the world is IGNORANCE. It is the most painful, the most destructive, and the most contagious disease. It causes people to suffer all their life.

The future of Africa is at stake. Most African leaders intend to remain president for their lifetime, yet they never think about things beyond their lifetime or beyond their children’s lifetime, when it is their number one duty.

Africa is plagued with the disease of IGNORANCE, and we all can do something about that. The cure is simple, EDUCATION; learning wisdom and understanding… learning skills… learning NOT to vote for leaders that rob Africa of hope… learning that integrity does matter because corruption is equally as deadly as ignorance… learning to respect the basic human rights of everyone.

Africa, we CANNOT remain ignorant and uneducated. Hard work and a commitment to professionalism can change things in Africa, even if it’s slow.