When I'm not writing

Some of you might find it interesting to know the hobbies writers have, know what they do other than being chained to their desk. When I’m not writing, (or doing something not related to my writing) my hobbies include a variety of activities. I’m a more-than-average gamer, and I love my PS3. That’s not the only place where I take a break from my writing world.

But my absolute favorite thing to do is to cross-stitch because I can hear myself think, and at the same time, make a few ridiculous challenging pieces. A piece I made for my sister, Akitee, was a picture of a goat wearing lappa and glasses (more than 250k stitches, the most I’ve done so far). It takes me months to do one project, but that’s how I unwind. The best part is these art pieces are sold to help fund organizations like (LPICO) Liyah Premature Infant Care Organization Inc, PJs and Blanket Project, and Liberia Literary Society, a global online Literary Library of every book written by a Liberian author or/and other authors whose work is about Liberia, for future generations. At least buy staff a cup of coffee. Please, make a donation on their website.

Cross-Stitch of designing the Liberian flag.
Cross-Stitch of designing the Liberian flag.

Uplift Africa

Always happy to support Shades of Liberia fundraising projects for Education, Clean Water, and Women Empowerment.

Georgia Writer's 47th Anniversary Awards

At the Georgia Writers Association’s 47th-anniversary awards ceremony. 


Always happy to join Miama Hoff and Shades of Liberia to support projects for Education, Clean Water, and Women Empowerment.

2009 Summer Camp Pootie-Cho

Camp Pootie-Cho program focuses on creating a positive environment in order to help build strong character in the lives of young people.  Camp Pootie-Cho strives to provide and encourage diversity among youths with the “Come Play with a Purpose” through the provision of relevant and attractive programs and events that meet the needs and interests of the children and their parents. Our programs are open to all people regardless of religious beliefs, gender, or ethnic background.

Tea & Poetry

Fundraising event for Mary Martha Educational Fundation.