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Jokes Should not Hurt Others

Jokes Shouldn't Hurt Others (Adventures at Camp Pootie-Cho)

Published : 12/ 25 / 2020

Friday evening, when the campers got together for their social night Joke-telling activity, everybody’s jokes got laughs except Cyrus and Quincy’s jokes. To get laughs, the boys decided to play a prank by hiding Gola’s favorite boots. But they, too, get pranked when someone switches the boys’ hiding place.

Make sure the joking you do with your friends (and others) is done in a way that won’t hurt anyone’s feelings. When the person you are joking with gets mad or starts to cry, know that your words or actions are hurtful. Watch what you say or do to each other. Use positive words. Remember, we don’t hurt our friends.

Jokes Shouldn't Hurt Others
Sapo for President
Sapo for President

Sapo for President (Adventures at Camp Pootie-Cho)

Published : 01/ 22 / 2020

Its elections at Camp Pootie-Cho

Sapo for President is an important book that will teach young Liberian children about the importance of their vote, from candidates to debate, from the ballot to voting.

In order to teach the campers about selecting a leader, Mr. Bayogar decides to do a mock election. Sapo is running against Bendu and the campers have to cast a vote for the best candidate. What do you do when you are best friends with both candidates?

Hopefully, Liberian children will come away with a better understanding of the complex election-process, enduring respect for it. If you run for president, you would have to do a lot of hard work. You would study Liberia’s problems, tell the Liberian people about your plans, select a running mate, and debate your opponents so the Liberian people will get to know if you are the best choice for Liberia.

Sapo for President
Sapo for President
Christmas in Sanoyea

Christmas in Sanoyea (Ian & Applecat)

Published : 12/ 01 / 2019

In West Africa, Liberians love to celebrate the holiday season and spend time with family. This Christmas, Ian is looking forward to spending the holiday with his twin cousins, Nostelor and Nostelda, who have come to Liberia from America for their first Christmas. But they won’t be spending Christmas in Monrovia, where the city is bursting with all kinds of entertainment. Christmas in Sanoyea, on Grandpa’s farm, would surely be unforgettable.

AACPC Good Manners ABCs

Good Manners ABCs: activity book (Adventures at Camp Pootie-Cho)

Published : 11/ 30 / 2019

Easy lessons to teach social skills to young children. Each letter of the alphabet is represented, relating to teaching social standards with the principles of right conduct and good character. Learn the American Sign Language alphabets and numbers too!

This book is full of different activities as well as plenty of coloring pages, suitable for kids from preschoolers to sixth graders.

AACPC Activity Book

Games and Puzzles Activity Book (Adventures at Camp Pootie-Cho)

Published : 10/ 15 / 2018

Dozens of challenging fun games and puzzles from the Adventures at Camp Pootie-Cho. Try your hand at Mazes, Crosswords, Coloring Activities, Secret Codes, Word Search, Sudokus, and much more!

Keeping Secrets

Keeping Secrets (Ian and Applecat)

Published : 09/ 30 / 2018

It’s fun having a dog, but there’s nothing funny about keeping the dog out of trouble. Applecat has chewed Lydia’s favorite book to shreds and could be sent away. Ian has to decide if he should Tell or Not. He loves his dog, but it’s hard keeping Applecat’s secret.

Ian and Applecat
Ian and Applecat
Toby Pannoh GMA

Toby Pannoh's Good Manners for Boys and Girls

Published : 10/ 22 / 2017

Eight-year-old Toby Pannoh lives with his family in Grand Kru County, Liberia. Toby behaves most of the time, but not his five-year-old little sister, Mah. She cries for things, loves to slam doors, and hates to take afternoon naps. In order to deal with Mah’s tantrums, Toby decides to teach his little sister some good manners to help her behave better. Cleverly, he uses the alphabet, teaching Mah her alphabets and good manners.

Toby Pannoh
Toby Pannoh Family
Solomon's Porch

Solomon's Porch: a wealth of treasured wisdom

Published : 03/ 10 / 2017

What are proverbs and parables good for? In most cultures, like our African culture, elders have a passionate belief in the importance of teaching as a means of making a positive difference in someone’s life.

The nuggets found in Solomon’s Porch have been chosen from a variety of cultures and this collection contains the cream of parables & proverbs which are used all over the world.

Between the covers of Solomon’s Porch, you will find more than a hundred proverbs; over 75 subject matters indexed from A to Z by topic to easily find what you want.

I'm About To

I'm About To

Published : 05/ 26 / 2016

This story is about a little pepper bird named Korlu who never wanted to learn anything. Korlu was not even willing to try. She ignored important lessons until one day she had to learn to fly. Follow Korlu on her short adventure as she travels from her comfortable nest, all the way to Sinta Village.

Liberia Unscrabbled

Liberia Unscrabbled

Published : 10/ 16 / 2015

Here for the first time are 200 pages of never-before-published puzzles devoted entirely to Liberia. These puzzles will challenge your knowledge of history, everyday life, and the obscure related to Liberia.

Grab a glass of palm wine, or Club beer, and solve them all.

Dead Gods HM2

Dead Gods: HM2

Published : 11/ 04 / 2014

On Africa’s west coast where the first woman-president is elected to bring hope to the world’s number one corrupt nation, the heart-man kills again; and this time it’s a nine-year-old boy. For some, it’s a business. For Officer Lonos, it’s personal. And for the Douglas family, it’s an opportunity to clear their name.

It hasn’t been all that long since RJ Douglas’s last visit to Liberia when his father was under suspicion of murder, then tried and executed. Now it is RJ’s secret that takes him back—his love child. In the main time, deep inside Monrovia brews an undercover operation called the Net, far from James Bond-ish operations, but nonetheless, one established to free the country of the iniquitousness certain people continue to curse Liberia with.

And from this, Rufus Bohn’s private security agency turns gangsters into dead gods and ordinary citizens into heroes.

ontserrado Stories

Montserrado Stories

Published : 02 / 15 / 2012

Human history discloses the anger and despair that too often mar the lives of people. This is Lewis’ second collection of short stories, beautifully illustrating real-life challenges, a great storyline, and a sweet voice sure to woo readers.

The stories provide a view into Liberia society one cannot get from the headlines and written with a perfect cultural rhythm that will bring readers to Liberia with the characters.

Four Novellas make up this exciting book: In GOOD FATHER, a cassava farmer, hard-pressed to provide for his family, questions his teen son’s dream of becoming a football star. His encounter with an American coach and a heart-to-heart conversation with his old father ensues the love a father feels for his son. In SWEET MOTHER, the fate of two strangers collides, Sundaymah Boye, a rape victim of the war with no desire for improving her life, and Nick Anderson, a thirty-something-year-old African-American who is losing his life to cancer; what each has to offer is priceless. A vital moral lesson prevades in FIRESTONE, when a 15-year-old boy caught breaking and entering is taken to the path of opportunity rather than prison. In BELIEVE, divine power unites with human effort as Youwah Saytue’s faith is tested by the threat of a lethal African black mamba.

Dowry Of Virgins

The Dowry of Virgins: and other stories

Published : 04 / 19 / 2011

In this collection of seven imaginative short stories; themes represented in the work are of African and Liberian cultural influence. It seeks to explore within African settings the emotions of ordinary people when they face extraordinary situations.

The emotions range from love, hate, greed, envy, and fear.

A New Chief for Gwapala,
What the Moon Leaves Behind,
Songs of the Pepper Birds,
The Dowry of Virgins,
Obikai’s Heart,
Common Threads,
and Cries of the Pepper Birds.

Heart Men

Heart Men (a novel)

Published : 04 / 19 / 2011


Lewis takes readers on an intimate journey into the lives of Heart Robbers and Heart Breakers. This riveting tale chronicles the journey of RJ, an Atlanta Lawyer, from the U.S. to Liberia in order to defend his father against a Ritual Killing accusation. Along the way, he is exposed to secrets that took place in his father’s native country of Liberia as well as in his own family. The main character, RJ, introduces readers to many of the issues that plague nations around the world; as well as many of the hopes and dreams they share.

Good Manner Alphabets

Good Manner Alphabets: how to be a super polite kid

Published : 08 / 24 / 2009

The Good Manner Alphabets (how to be a super polite kid!), makes learning good manners as easy as the ABCs.

This AWESOME 36-page book includes a Good Manners Certificate at the end, signed by Sapo!

Each page will transform a child from an ordinary kid into an EXTRAORDINARY one. After all, people are not born with good manners, good manners have to be taught.

And what better way to teach good manners than with the alphabets. Smaller children can memorize one-line sentences, while older kids recite paragraphs.


Journeys (a collection of poems)

Published : 04 / 01 / 2007

“Readers peeking into Lewis’ world will find a poet who teases love, sings love, and dances love. Yet love’s sprinkles of sadness are never absent. How one person runs a wide range of love themes and still holds the attention of an audience is just wonderful. If love brings people together, if love celebrates life, here, between the covers of Journey lie examples of some perfect lyrical narratives that should warm many hearts.” K-Moses Nagbe, former president of the Liberia Association of Writers.

“Journey deserves a place on any coffee table. Lewis delivers with uncommon prose that her readers will fall gladly for.” Mary Payne, Editor.

My Dear Liberia

My Dear Liberia

Published : 07 / 01 / 2004

From the inhuman bondage and overwhelming weight of slavery, black ‘freemen’ from America and the British colonies returned to Africa; along with native Africans and slaves rescued from seized slave ships found their own nation. “There is no other country in the world quite like Liberia,” says Lewis, of this African nation that has been independent and self-governed since its establishment. “There is a certain pride that comes with every person that traces his/her roots to Liberia.”

Liberians enjoyed freedom until the civil war in the nineties. My Dear Liberia brings to life the enjoyable days of the past.