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Pub. Date: 03/24/2021


What’s true for one person is true for all; we are all made out of ordinary dust. What makes us extraordinary is God’s special ingredient, His breath of life. Like grass withers and flowers fade, our life is brief and seen by few. What makes every person unique is an extraordinary inner beauty. Each life has a purpose; every life is precious, and every life should be treated as such.

How should we live this purposeful life? Love Jesus, others, and yourself—JOY. When meekness flows from within, outward, it is possible to touch the lives of others. For us to be caregivers, kindness must flow out of our hearts. And, so the story goes, in Firestone.

Obikai Heart

Pub. Date: 02/17/2021

Obikai's Heart

Love makes one both angel and a warrior. It should be free; never possessive, never controlled. However, falling in love takes courage. We are born to love and with all the necessary courage to walk the path to it, no matter the roughness. Quonah’s love affair with Obikai was doomed from the start because of tradition. Expecting the power of love to bring hope, their steps toward love caused pain. Can the power of love heal?

Believe Cover

Pub. Date: 12/30/2020


In Maryland County, the Almighty humbles a proud man and exalts him when he begins to trust. The providence of faith in God is strikingly displayed as divine power is united with human effort—the means used is human; the deliverance is divine.

Clever Children Gamebooks

A series of children’s activity and gamebooks
Fun Learning

Fiction & Literature | 12 / 23 / 20 | 34-pages

The role of three men in the life of a young man’s realization of his dream; a coach who recognizes the boy’s potential, a father, whose molding of his son is threatened by what he considers an empty dream and a grandfather, whose voice of wisdom evokes reasoning.
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