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Since 1847, our Commanders-in-Chief have led Liberia through every challenge. Organized chronologically by the president, each entry covers the significant accomplishments and events of the presidential term; cabinet members, election results, groundbreaking legislation, and careers before the presidency. Fast facts, from Joseph Jenkins Roberts to George Weah, will help kids identify each president’s birthplace, achievements, events, triumphs, and legacies. Famous and lesser-known presidents are also included. Learn about the Declaration of Independence and other historical events.

Ophelia S. Lewis

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As publisher at Village Tales Publishing, Ophelia S. Lewis has worked with seasoned and aspiring writers for over seventeen years, providing publishing opportunities. Her extensive background in self-publishing has given her a broad base from which to approach the publishing industry. Lewis has written books in several genres, including children’s books, fiction, non-fiction, gamebook, reference, educational workbook, and poetry.

Lewis is a Liberia Literary Society organization member, supporting educational opportunities and girls’ education and preserving Liberia/Liberian literary works. She especially enjoys mentoring young African/Liberian writers in bringing their work into print.

Ophelia S. Lewis
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Liberia Literary Society organization supports educational opportunities, girls’ education and preserves Liberia’s literary works.

Ms. Lewis advocates quality education’s importance in Africa.

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