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Ophelia S. Lewis

Ophelia Lewis is a poet, essayist, and a creative writer who writes for both grown-up audiences and children. She has penned several books that exhibit Liberian society, creating more enduring fictional characters than any other Liberian writer writing today. The author of the popular heart-man novels, Heart Men and Dead Gods (HM2), Ms. Lewis has also written two collections of short stories, The Dowry of Virgins and Montserrado Stories; a book of essays, My Dear Liberia; and a collection of poems, Journeys. These books provide a view into Liberia society one cannot get from the headlines. She has also written two children’s books; A is for Africa and The Good Manner Alphabets (How to be a super polite kid).

Her passion for cultural art and literature led to the creation of Village Tales, a literary artistry media platform that recognizes the value of diversity with a simple goal—to promote culture insight through art and literature with respect to the unique quality of all people. As a hobby, Lewis cross-stitch painting and photographs of interesting subjects and auctioned the pieces to fund the different humanitarian projects she’s involved with—Better Day Academy school building project, Sapo-Books-for-Kids Campaign, and PJ’s and Blanket Project.

Lewis writes full-time and lives with her family in Georgia.

My new children's book is available!

“This storybook will help revive the lost art of courtesy and respect.” ~ Martin Kpahn

Size: 6 x 9 | No. Pages: 44 | ISBN-13: 9781945408144, | Genre: Children’s book, general courtesy | Age: 6 & Up | Grade Level: Grade One

Eight-year-old Toby Pannoh lives with his family in Grand Kru County, Liberia. Toby behaves most of the time, but not his five-year-old little sister, Mah. She cries for things, loves to slam doors and hates to take afternoon naps. In order to deal with Mah’s tantrums, Toby decides to teach his little sister some good manners to help her behave better. Cleverly, he uses the alphabets, teaching Mah her alphabets and good manners.

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Toby Pannoh's Good Manners for Boys and Girls by Ophelia S. Lewis

Toby Pannoh's Good Manners for Boys and Girls

by Ophelia S. Lewis

Giveaway ends November 30, 2017.

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Congratulations to Aaron (Oregon, USA) and Nancy (Ontario, Canada)

I’d like to send a BIG ‘Thank You’ to all the participants for taking time out of their busy schedule to take part in this giveaway. Thanks to Goodreads for the opportunity to share with my readers, and I am grateful for the support in bringing Multi-Cultural Children’s books like Reading Our World. Thanks to Village Tales Publishing for making this happen.

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