Celebrating Our Beloved Jeanette

It’s hard to say goodbye to the greatest inspiration in your life; it’s impossible to come to terms that our beloved Jeanette has said goodbye to us. But, Jeanette had accomplished what God had planned for her for the furtherance of His kingdom, and God has all the answers.

With a humble heart, Jeanette Lewis did her best. She was grounded and obedient in her service to God and others, and this is her season to shine behind the scene. I saw my mother always happy in the role she played, a true soldier of the cross; when she was a mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, grandmother, great-grandmother, teacher, neighbor or friend; always happy in extending companionship to others.

To Jeanette Lewis, the church was about worship, love, and serving God by helping others. She generously opened her home to anyone, and especially when relatives needed a safe place to stay. The meaning of her provisions was to bring them to God, not to serve her. You bet if you live in Jeanette Lewis’ home, you had to join her in prayers, or go to church. No exceptions.

She tried to glorify God in all that she did; serving Him in the open by praising Him regardless of the situation she was in. During the 1980 coup when her husband, J. N. Lewis, Sr. died unexpectedly in a car accident, and soldiers took over our home and moved in with us in it, my mother’s words to them was, “You have a ‘g’ and I have a ‘g’. The soldier asked, “What do you mean by that?” Her response was, “You have a gun, and I have God.”

She served God in secret, by doing for others without talking about it. She believed that God had placed her where the needs were, and she was faithful to the God she served.

Mom was our rock! Like a mother hen protects her chicks under her wings, she kept us close. Our beloved Jeanette taught us to always have a relationship with God and each other, so we glorify God in our grieving. We praise God through this storm, and as Mom has prepared us for this, we thank God for carrying us through. Great is God’s faithfulness. We are grateful to each of you for covering us with your love and prayers.

Love is stronger than death; continue to live in our hearts, Mom. The lamp you left us, by God’s grace, will never be extinguished.