I Know Love

 I’ve felt affection all my life,
From the moment I arrived
In my mother’s arms to now.
My mother’s love,
My father’s too;
How my spirit sleeps in their hearts,
Long after they’ve gone to rest.

Life usefulness
A platform from which I fly,
And those two,
Standing close always
To catch me should I fall,
I know love

Even at 10 years old,
I would lay across my mother’s lap,
Where she scratched my back
to ease heat bumps irritation
I couldn’t reach,

There she shake-sprinkled
Prickly heat powder all over,
And rubbed it on smoothly.
It must have been her touch,
At times I felt asleep;
I know love.

n my birthday mornings,
Waking to the whole family
Standing around my bed,
Singing ‘Happy Birthday’
Or, a surprised family drive
To Sophie’s ice cream shop.

My superheroes,
Jeanette and Nostelda,
You shaped my ordinary world
And made it extraordinary;
Childhood treasures I cherish,
I know love.

My Parents J. Nostelda Lewis Sr. & Jeanette B. Lewis