Turning Pain Into Power

Turning My Pain Into Power If you have adult children and is married to someone other than their father, make sure you have written your burial wishes in a will. My father died in a tragic car accident when my mother was forty-five years old; ten years later, she remarried. She married someone we knew […]

Christmas Memories

Christmas Memories The best part about my writing life is sharing most of my journeys. In my new children’s book, Christmas in Sanoyea, readers get to experience a little of the celebrations on Christmas day in Liberia. This Christmas, Ian is looking forward to spending the holiday with his twin cousins, Nostelor and Nostelda, who […]

Theory of Decadence in Liberia

Theory of Decadence in Liberia More Struggle, More Self-denial, and More Real Want We have a lot to say about a cultural mix that’s not really mixed, about the management of our African country, and about the misuse of precious natural resources. This is by far the hardest piece of writing I’ve ever had to […]