Straining Toward Your Goal

Webster’s defines Goal as an end that one strives to attain. This can be applied to anything; writing a novel, or a book of poems, or building a playhouse, or even restoring an old car or furniture, the race is in the finish! I’d rather use the Chinese parable, “the journey is the reward.”

  1. Set a reachable goal, No need to invent, the wheel has already been invented. ‘Don’t bite off more than you can chew’, taking on more responsibilities than you can handle. That’s like throwing your confidence away when it has a great reward stored up for you.
  2. Imitate the best and keep learning from him. Apply all those things that made him/her successful in your goal for your benefit. You are not imitating to become that person, but rather, to gain from them.
  3. Forget what lies behind; look forward to what lies ahead. Recognize that the choices we make worsen or lessen our wounds; what we’ve experienced bring about the changes we need. Lesson learned, in the words of William Shakespeare, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”
  4. Action! Action! Action! Exert yourself in purposeful activities. Press on toward the goal for the prize; after all, footprints in the sand are not made by sitting down.
  5. Arrogance will play NO positive role in your journey. Success does not consist in talk, but in action… your work.
  6. Self-control/Discipline is the strength (root) of your will, mind, and determination. Plant the energy-seed of enthusiasm and you will reap a sense of dedication that maintains allegiance to your goal so that you are not turned aside for any reason.
  7. Pay forward. Remember the chains of others, where you have the skills, offer it. Who knows, that person (or another) might have what you need to break your chains.
  8. Follow the leader. He/she is successful for a reason and can lead in a unique way that may carry you down the road to your success. Follow his/her practice regardless of how long it will take.

These rules are what I try to follow. If they suit you, Be encouraged, you have need of endurance… go ahead, accomplish your task.