Clever Children Gamebook

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Activity & Coloring books for kids ages 4-12
Learning games for kids ages 4-12
African and Multicultural puzzles

A Series of Children’s Activity and Gamebooks

  • Clever Children Gamebook provides children with fun learning, offering a variety of activities that build self-confidence, determination, and problem-solving skills through puzzles.
  • Variety of activities: Puzzles, Word Search, Crossword, Mazes, scrambled letters that need to be unscrambled, secret messages to decipher, picture crosswords for young children, coloring pages, hidden pictures
  • African and Multicultural puzzles



  • Fun ways to help your child build basic skills – for kids ages 4-12
  • Develops self-confidence: when a child solves challenging puzzles, imagine what that does for his/her confidence!
  • Ideal for home or classroom use; entertaining and educational,
  • Promotes attention to detail and increases vocabulary
  • Hours of fun and entertainment to enjoy
  • Perfect for rainy days, road trips, sleepovers, days off of school, lazy weekends, and more!
Where In The World is Liberia

Where in the world is Liberia?

Find the hidden words in the grid and learn about Liberia. Each page features a word search puzzle that will teach children about Liberia and hold their interest for hours. Get to know important historical facts, learn about the people, culture, natural resources, and many more.

Plus many illustrations to color while completing some puzzles.

Product Details

Price: $10.00
Publisher: Village Tales Publishing
Pub. Date: March 18, 2016
Pages: 62
Dimensions: 8.5 X 11.02 
Type: Paperback
ISBN: 9780985362577