Camp Pootie-Cho

Come play with a purpose, (encouraging diversity among youths); where children learn to be each other’s role model, building long lasting friendship with Jesus and others.

We did a play from the Reader’s Theater called, A Caterpillar’s Voice; based on a story retold by Elaine L. Lindy and adapted as a play script by Lindsay Parker. The play is a folktale from Africa, where a hare who lives in a nice cave. One day when he was away, a caterpillar went into the cave. The caterpillar liked the cave because she found out that the echo in the cave made her voice sound big! The hare returned home and when he hears the loud voice coming from his cave—after he’d asked ‘who’s in my cave?’—he asked his friends, jackal, fox, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, and frog, to ask, “The voice” to come out of his cave. Each animal claimed to be the strongest animal, only to hear caterpillar say, in a very loud voice, that she’s the biggest and strongest of them all. They all screamed and ran away. Finally, caterpillar told them she was only a caterpillar and crawled over to the animals. They all were surprised to see it was a little caterpillar that they had been afraid of.

My mother, Jeanette Lewis, a retired school teacher, taught the kids the song, Little Sir Echo, which went nicely with the play.