Don’t buy your child a Christmas gift until you’ve read this….

Give a gift to last a lifetime. The Good Manner Alphabets Book (how to be a super polite kid) is a picture book that offers a unique way to teach young children good manners using the 26 letters of the alphabet we all know. Each letter of the alphabet is represented, relating to teaching social standards with the principles of right conduct and good character. Good manners can be taught as soon as your child understands what you’re saying, therefore The Good Manner Alphabets Book was written mainly for young children. This book is based on the rules of good manners with the hope that children can have fun learning the rules of good conduct using the alphabets.

Why this book is important: If children are not polite and considerate in the homes, they cannot help showing that fact away from home. Good manners are a very important key to a child’s social success, but no one is born with good manners. Teaching children good manners is a daily process to help them develop social skills, showing them how to interact in a polite manner with people and also teaching them to treat others with respect.

After the hard work comes the award.

Reward your super polite kid with this beautiful “You’ve Got Good Manners” certificate, embossed with the Village Tales Publishing seal and signed by Sapo. Of course, it can also be signed by a parent or teacher.

The story behind the book: to inspire young children to learn respect, good values, ethics, morals and good behavior.

When I was layoff in 2009, most of my extended family members were also out of a job (no income or low income); and as school was about to close for the year, most did not know what they would do with their children during the summer—10 weeks! I had no luck finding employment while I worked on my other writing projects. I needed a break from my writing and an idea came to mind—run a small summer camp with the family kids! My mother, a retired school teacher and a few of the older children in the family (recent college graduates) liked the idea and joined me. A local pastor allowed us to use his church for the camp. (two of his children attended). The parents provided lunch, we planned indoor activities at the church and outdoor activities in the parks, all at no cost. Sharing my life with those 11 children for 10 weeks added more meaning to my life than anything else. That summer I wrote a booklet called, The Good Manners Alphabet Book. By the end of summer, the kids (age 4-11) had memorized all 26 one-liners of good manners using the alphabets.

Today, I have extended the booklet into a book and have added paragraphs to the one-liners so older children can enjoy it as well. I honestly hope this book help girls and boys become happier, more agreeable children and over time, adults who have turned into proper ladies and gentlemen. The least we can do is train our children’s eye to see how they may add to the enjoyment of others, therefore making friends. The right kind of friendship may give joy for a lifetime.

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