Turning Pain Into Power

Turning My Pain Into Power If you have adult children and is married to someone other than their father, make sure you have written your burial wishes in a will. My father died in a tragic car accident when my mother was forty-five years old; ten years later, she remarried. She married someone we knew […]

Importance of Education in Africa

Importance of Education in Africa The most terrible disease in the world is IGNORANCE. It is the most painful, the most destructive, and the most contagious disease. It causes people to suffer all their life. The future of Africa is at stake. Most African leaders intend to remain president for their lifetime, yet they never […]

Straining Toward Your Goal

Straining Toward Your Goal Webster’s defines Goal as an end that one strives to attain. This can be applied to anything; writing a novel, or a book of poems, or building a playhouse, or even restoring an old car or furniture, the race is in the finish! I’d rather use the Chinese parable, “the journey […]