Meet Ophie

Ophelia S. Lewis

Ophelia Lewis is a poet, essayist, and a creative writer who writes for both grown-up audiences and children. She has penned several books that exhibit Liberian society, creating more enduring fictional characters than any other Liberian writer writing today. The author of the popular heart-man novels, Heart Men and Dead Gods (HM2), Ms. Lewis has also written two collections of short stories, The Dowry of Virgins and Montserrado Stories; a book of essays, My Dear Liberia; and a collection of poems, Journeys. These books provide a view into Liberia society one cannot get from the headlines. She has also written two children’s books; A is for Africa and The Good Manner Alphabets (How to be a super polite kid).

Her passion for cultural art and literature led to the creation of Village Tales, a literary artistry media platform that recognizes the value of diversity with a simple goal—to promote culture insight through art and literature with respect to the unique quality of all people. As a hobby, Lewis cross-stitch painting and photographs of interesting subjects and auctioned the pieces to fund the different humanitarian projects she’s involved with—Better Day Academy school building project, Sapo-Books-for-Kids Campaign, and PJ’s and Blanket Project.

Lewis writes full-time and lives with her family in Georgia.

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