Good Manner Alphabets

GoodMannerAlphabetsWebTitle: Good Manner Alphabets (how to be a super polite kid)
Published by: Village Tales Publishing
Release Date: November 9, 2014
Genre: ,
Pages: 36
ISBN13: 978-0985362515

The Good Manner Alphabets (how to be a super polite kid!), makes learning good manners as easy as the ABCs. This AWESOME 36-page book includes a Good Manners Certificate at the end, signed by Sapo! Each page will transform a child from an ordinary kid into an EXTRAORDINARY one. After all, people are not born with good manners, good manners have to be taught. And what better way to teach good manners than with the alphabets. Smaller children can memorize one line sentences, while older kids recite paragraphs.

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